Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage here at St Augustine’s.

We comprise of a Nursery (F1) and two Reception classes (F2); Poppies and Daisies.


As Early Years Lead it is a pleasure to welcome you to our page and I hope it gives you the inviting, inclusive and interactive feeling that we emulate in our classrooms. In the Foundation Stage it is the role of my team and I, to offer children the greatest possible start to their education journey. Through meaningful interaction, high-quality teaching and purposeful play we watch our children flourish during their time with us. We instil a lifelong love of learning as well as preparing the children to be global citizens of the 21st century.


Our most recent Ofsted report quoted the following about the brilliant practice occurring daily in EYFS:

“In Reception, children learn the phonics sounds they need to succeed in reading. Teachers make phonics enjoyable, for example by ‘hiding’ the new sound for the day. Children are excited by their learning and join in enthusiastically.”

“Children get off to a positive start in the early years. They quickly learn the routines that help them to settle and focus on their learning.”

I would love to welcome any visitors and prospective children with their families into school to see what makes our EYFS so special. Please contact the school office and speak to Ms Burrows or Mrs Kingsland to arrange a visit.

Steven Hallgarth


EYFS Vision Statement