School Day and School Uniform

School opens at 8.45am and lesson start at 8.55am.

School finishes at:

3.15pm for Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.

3.20pm for Year 3 and Year 3/4

3.30pm for Year 4, Year 5, Year 5/6 and Year 6

School Uniform – Website Information

Basic Uniform for St Augustine’s Academy

All pupils attending St Augustine’s Catholic Primary Academy are required to wear the basic school uniform as listed below:

Boys Girls

White polo shirt

Red V neck jumper

Grey trousers

Grey shorts (Summer)

Grey Socks


Grey pinafore dress/grey skirt/grey trousers

White polo shirt

Scarlet Red tights

Scarlet Red cardigan

Red & white gingham dress (Summer)

White socks

Summer Gingham dresses for girls and shorts for boys can be worn from after the Easter holiday until October half term. Winter uniform should be worn the rest of the time.


All children require red or white T-shirt and shorts and a pair of soft shoes for P.E. These should be kept in school in a drawstring bag.

Red/White T-shirts, with school emblem, Available through Just Schoolwear. You can order online at:



Sensible and appropriate black leather footwear should be worn at all times. Trainers are only permissible during outdoor activities. Fashion shoes, raised heels, open toed sandals, designer label footwear, prominent logos and boots above ankle height are all examples of inappropriate footwear which are not permitted.


The wearing of jewellery by young children in school cannot be allowed as it constitutes a safety hazard. If it is absolutely necessary for a child to wear ear jewellery this must be limited to a single stud per ear.

Hair Fashions 

Fashion hairstyles are discouraged for both boys and girls. All children with long hair must arrange for the hair to be tied back; the colour of hair accessories must be in line with the school uniform — red, white, black or grey.

Parents’ Guide – Reception

Uniform Policy