House Teams

Look at our wonderful House Captains and Vice Captains


House Teams at St Augustine’s

Our House Teams 

  • We feel the children benefit from being members of mixed age school teams.
  • It helps develop opportunities for year groups to work together, encourages children to support each other, gives them a strong sense of responsibility and belonging and provides them with a range of additional activities to take part in.
  • There are four houses with balanced numbers of boys and girls and numbers from each year group. Family members are in the same house.
  • Children are not moved into another house. They will remain in this house during their learning journey at St Augustine’s.
  • There is a house point system with a cup awarded each term.
  • House Team points will be also used on Sports Day and throughout the school day.
  • There will be a meeting of houses every half term, led by the SLT Member and captains.
  • Team captains are elected from Year 6 as well as Vice Captains.

Any queries about our House Team approach, please do not hesitate to Mrs Bates at: